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ACT 27 of 2024...Disabled Veterans' Benefit Payment Exclusion

Updated: Jun 27

On the 17th of June 2024 . Govenor Shapiro signed into law Act No 27 of 2024. The Disabled Veterans’ Benefit Payment Exclusion Act. Act 27 exempts 100% of disabled veterans' benefit payment from income calculations for any Commonwealth program or benefit. This will also apply to an unmarried surviving spouse upon the death of a veteran for any compensation or payment the unmarried surviving spouse is entitled to receive. I am happy to say this was a bipartison effort to recognize and close a loophole that in the past was used to disqualify a disabled veteran for commonwealth assistance programs or rebates.

As a veteran and a Pennsylvanian it makes me happy to see our state government take a step forward in a bipartison way to help our disabled heros.

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