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Act Score in Pennsylvania 24.4

Yes my friends as my opponent puts forth the proposition that ACT score are lower than they have been in the last 30 years and our public schools are failing. Being a lawyer she is not providing the full facts. In Pennsylvania the average score of 24.4 is what we are achieving. In comparison Ohio comes in at 19.6 and West Virginia at 20.5 ( The national composite score is 19.8 for the ACT. Pennsylvania is well above average unlike what my opponent alluded to . We have two of the best schools systems in the state, Seneca Valley and Mars school districts. My opponent went to private schools and frankly doesn't like the idea of public schools. She advocates for school choice which means choosing private or public school to be paid for by tax payers. Not all of our children's could get into the elitist private schools. I don't know about you but I support the quality of our schools. A proven quality. I dont want my taxes to pay for private schools and dilute the tax payer dollars for our public schools.

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