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District 12 Economy

There are jobs available as is the case most places. But the issue is wages. The current minimum wage is $7.25 which for all cases is a joke. Most companies pay more than that. But still less than what is considered a livable wage. This along with the rise in housing makes it difficult to find workers who can live and work here. We have a dilemma that needs to be looked at starting with workers being given a fair living wage that the state mandates since the federal government seems to ignore. There should be a three-year cost of living adjustment to maintain this wage. This area is a hotbed for high tech companies such as Westinghouse and Omnicell. I would like to see tax incentives to encourage growth for more companies to move to Jackson, Adams, and Cranberry as well as possible growth areas around Callery and Mars.

Another area that is hindering our economy that I will push is public transportation. I advocate and will work with the County Commissioners on a solution that will include Butler to Pittsburgh with our district as a center of focus. This will allow more access to all facets of what Butler and Pittsburgh has to offer without the hassle of paying high parking rates let alone the wear and tear on our vehicles. his is a win win for all of us.

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