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Election 2022

The results are in and I have lost. Its a disappointment but not the end of the world. I am happy that we had a 68.01 percent turn out. I am greedy and wanted more. I have been advocating for people to get involved in the process since well before I ran. I will push and push to get more people involved and not just in the voting. We need to get our youth out there we need more people who want to run for office. As it was i was the only Dem running for office that was for an office in Butler county. That is not enough and we all know it. As for me this is not the end just as they say a new beginning. I learned a lot while traveling down this road and I have a chance to push the envelope in Butler County. For this I want to thank so many people for what they have done for me and gone through. But again this is not the end. I am looking forward to meeting people hearing ideas and having a few Beers with Lou. (Cant forget the Comish) So my friend Thank you and love you all for the faith you have in me. Lets keep this train on the tracks and plan for the future.

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