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Election 2024 announcement

I am announcing I am officially running for Pennsylvania State House District 12 in 2024!! I am running to ensure the people of Pennsylvania; Butler County and my district have a representative that works for them and not for special interest or even personal interest. I believe the rights of woman have been under attack for way too long. We need to level the playing field and ensure a woman’s right to choose is theirs.

 I am running to protect our public schools and our students from overzealous politicians who feel that they know better than the school board, Teachers, and parents. Recently my opponent has stepped forward and publicly attacked Mars Library for carrying a book that has an anti-racist theme. Her attempt at a public forum for her view was outrageous. With my assistance, the Butler County Federated Library System created a book challenge policy that will ensure a fair and unbiased library system without political pressure.

 I am running for State Representative to ensure our seniors in our District and everywhere in Pennsylvania, have the protections to retire with respect and to be shown our appreciation for their many years of service to our communities.

 I am running for Representative in House District 12 to ensure the rights of everyone is fair and equally administered and to preserve the Democracy that Pennsylvania has been known for since 1776. I cannot do this alone. So, I am asking: Can I count on you to contribute and help move my campaign for State House forward. By chipping in, it will all add up and we can reach our goal of turning Butler County Blue.

 Thank You for the help you provided in 2022. We are moving forward and with your help we will win this race and show that we are Butler County Democrats!

Rob Vigue

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