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The Butler Eagle made an error in the ad as they were making some adjustments to make it better on the eyes. This is the correct ad and will be first for next weeks edition as well as a disclaimer for the the previous week. The facts are my opponent has made changes to her positioning on a Woman's right to choose. She is endorsed by two groups that are anti abortion and both say in no instance should it be legal. She has bragged about her perfect score. But now she is trying to muddy the water. On Sept 20 she came out with a paper that states that people who are choice are really pro life . And in a forum stated directly that she is not 100 percent and that there are many instances where she agrees. BUT she never says what she agrees with. The fact is she has taken money from PACs that are against a Woman's Choice and she in no way supports a Woman's right to choose. As stated she is trying to muddy the water and being a lawyer she only says what she thinks you want to hear. I have been on point with my position since the beginning. I am an open book. I support our teachers. I support our healthcare works. I work hard for our elderly. Vote for Rob Vigue

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