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GOP Chair in Lawrence County Accused of falsifying signatures

The GOP Chair in Lawrence county has been accused of falsifying

signatures to get a specfic candidate on the ballot over another of the same party.

While I am a registered Democrat, I know and understand that a secure election system is good public policy. Polices which are bipartisan. This is not the first time that this happened in recent years, (see link below) but it needs to be the last time this is allowed to happen. The fact that this was a party leader makes it even more dangerous to our Democracy. When you think about it, you must ask yourself why a party leader would do this? What is the underlying reason? I do not want this in Butler County. We need strong checks and balances in place. I am very happy that this has come to light and hope it was found through the check and balances currently in place. But anytime this happens we need to look back and make sure that those checks and balances are not weakened and adjust and make changes as needed to ensure our election system is protected and strong.

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