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Post Election blog and update

The election has come and gone. I lost sadly but I learned a lot and will be able to god willing roll forward. With what I learned and with the proper help from volunteers that truly want change we can start and build momentum. In January I plan on rolling out a weekly video blog. This will be there to keep everyone informed and on their toes. The blog will consist of politics in District 12 and Butler County in general. A good friend of mine whos initials are KB is going to be a focus to get him reelected. In the meanwhile this website will be overhauled for the new look as we move to towards the local elections in 2023 and the biggie in 2024. I am so looking forward to getting the word out. The Right needs to know we are serious. You hear that Steph, you are on notice. But we will keep watch on our side to to make sure we are honest. But we will move Butler County Blue!!!!!! Spread the word and let me know your thoughts and ideas

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