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Pro-School Choice means Privatizing Schools

My opponents advocates pro-school choice. However, this argument simply means that private and public schools will be paid for with our tax dollars. Public schools are a public service, and they need more support, not less support. Bottom line: The pro-school choice argument really means privatizing schools.

We know that our privatized healthcare system leaves huge swaths of people unable to access good care. We saw what it did to our prison system, again, leaving people stuck behind in the "system."

Private schools and charter schools often have an elite enrollment system that precludes most students. Students are often not accepted due to their family's income level, religion, or connections. Students are forced through an application process as early as elementary school, and there aren't good enough choices. As our kids are being left behind, what does this say about how we invest in our future?

Private school teachers are not always required to be certified and may not even have a degree. The teachers in public schools are certified and always have degrees. Private schools are a business: their top priority is to make a profit, not to educate our kids. The public school system has one objective, to educate our youth for a better society, and a better future for all of us.

Public schools are more likely to offer talented and gifted children stronger programs that encourage development. The student population in public schools tends to be more diverse and accessible to all students.

Public school systems are not perfect. They do need work, which is why our tax dollars need to remain invested in this public service for our children.

Public schools often have larger class sizes. Private schools have a greater teacher-to-student ratio, allowing more supervision and individualized attention. City public schools often have more kids to work with, which means their resources are stretched thinner than suburban schools.

When my opponent says she will fight for school choice, she is fighting for our tax dollars to be taken away from the public school system and into private schools, where parents can afford the exorbitant cost of education. It stretches our tax dollars even thinner, when it comes to a public service that is a life support to our youth.

One last thing, my opponent, called our schools failures. Mars and Seneca are two of the top schools in Pennsylvania. Mars was a Blue Ribbon school in 2019.

If we had private schools that allowed all children in, well, that would be a different story. That would be public schools. ppppppp

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