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School Funding passes in District 12

I am extremely happy that the Pennsylvania State House passed the school funding bill. The vote was a solid 107-94 with three republicans joining the democratic majority. Unfortunately, the Butler County delegation voted against the bill. This includes my opponent Rep Scialabba who has several times voted against or created potential legislation that hurts public education. She has expressed her distaste for public schools in the past and continues. This is a person who attended a private school in another county and never went to a school in Butler County.  As prime sponsor for a bill (HSB2041) that would prohibit teaching diversity in public schools, she is pushing her agenda. She has also advocated for the Mars and Cranberry libraries to remove a book called “How to raise an anti-racist baby” as part of that agenda to stop diversity. We have two of the finest schools in the state, Mars and Seneca. Do we need her negative views on public schools and libraries? Voters deserve better, our kids deserve better!





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Andy Newell
Andy Newell

Well said Rob. I know first hand that the public schools in this district add to our property values. Our taxes to fund them are an investment with concrete returns.

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