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The Pennsylvania State House: Control a single race away

Updated: Apr 2

I read an article this weekend on, there are a lot to think about and a lot to work on to make a difference. The article written by Stephen Caruso, is all about maintaining the majority in the state how and the difference and will make. The House has 203 members and Democrats have a two-vote majority. Every two years every member must run for reelection. Think about it. There are many areas that can flip and change the majority. In 2022 we flipped 16 seats which was enough to give us a single majority. During that first year the House was very busy passing bills that included LGBTQ protections, stricter gun rules, etc. Unfortunately, with all that effort the GOP led Senate thwarted many of these initiatives. If we can hold the house or even increase our membership and flip the Senate as well. Since we already have a democratic governor, this will give us a rare triple. This will allow us to create an agenda that will allow us to pass legislation that will protect families, help low-income families with their health care needs, and solidify a woman’s right to make a choice. The point is we need the down ballot support. We need to work hard to turn Butler county blue, We need to reach our potential, we need to move Pennsylvania forward...

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