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FTC Non Compete Ruling - A win for labor

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is in the process of a ban on noncompete in contracts. I am in favor of this ban because it makes it difficult for workers and labor. The exception to the ban is for senior executives. This ban is expected to take place within 120 days. My Anti Labor opponent, Rep Scialabba (she voted against HB950 giving workers the right to collectively bargain and HB1500 Raising the minimum wage) is advocating that non competes are good for everyone and especially workers.  The fact is she is an attorney who worked for a law firm as a representative for companies that had/has labor issues.  The fact is a non-compete is designed to lock a worker down and make it difficult for them to move around. I support the FTC action which is giving workers rights against a potentially unfairly restrictive contracts.

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