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Scotus overturning Settled law of the Dobbs Decision

Two years ago this last week, the Dobbs decision was leaked, which confirmed that the Scotus would soon overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving us without federal protections for abortion and setting women’s rights back fifty years. It was a sickening moment in history that we had been preparing for, yet still hit us like a brick. We know since that time that many states have placed restrictions and bans on a women’s right to choose. We have had hope though, when voters are allowed to be involved in states decisions that allow the people to speak and protect women’s rights. Every time a Pro Choice candidate, like me, speaks out and expresses the outrage over the SCOTUS decision to overturn settled law, Pro Choice has won on the ballot. We need to keep pushing and prove decisively that Pennsylvania is a Pro Choice state and vote for Pro Choice candidates like me. I will always support a women's right to choose.

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